The NJ-3000/6000 series was developed for the control of electric underfloor, water or boiler water/gas heating systems. These devices are intended for use in commercial, industrial and domestic properties.






1. Expressive black screen and color icons.
2. Display area 65.9 * 48.6 mm helps protect your eyes.
3. Lens made of glass or acrylic (optional).
4.Touch buttons, easy to program.
5. Silver frame enhances the aesthetics of the device.
6. The device “protrudes” from the wall only 13 mm.
7. Special connection system for easy installation.
8. A concealed box 86 mm and a European round box 60 mm are sufficient for mounting.
9. White, black or gold housing to choose from.

Thermostat functionality

1. Functions such as Modbus / Wifi etc. are available.
2. Acceptability 0.5 ° C – the device maintains the temperature within the set limit. level.
3. Data memory when power is turned off.
4. Programmable 5 + 2 six periods maximizes user comfort device and economy.
5. Ability to create a group of thermostats for centralised control.
6. The connection to Amazon Echo, Google Home, Tmall Genie, JFTTTT.
7. Synchronization of time zone, address, language etc.
8. There’s no limit to adding more rooms, rooms and Smart Scene support.

We offer thermostats with a smaller, round front panel.